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Trip to the Farnes by Grant Wardle

Existing Divers

Are you a qualified scuba diver with PADI, SSI, RAID, GUE or another agency? Great! Continue the adventure… joining an active BSAC club like Potteries Divers will give you chance to take your diving to the next level. 

There will always be something at Potteries Divers to challenge you and help progress your skills. Whether it is training through the BSAC Diver Grades, becoming one of our very own instructors, organising and joining some of the many Skills Development Courses that we offer. You'll find something for you.

No matter your skill level, you can jump straight in with our club without the need to retrain. Your current diving certification has an equivalent BSAC qualification and, if you'd like to further your training, you can carry on from there. 

Switching to BSAC? Join our club

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